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Monday, February 21, 2011

2008 PCS Civil Judge - Uttarakhand (Pre.) Exam., 2008 ( General Knowledge) Question paper

2008 PCS Civil Judge - Uttarakhand (Pre.) Exam., 2008 ( General Knowledge) Question paper

1. In the history of India, who among the following is famous for the policy of market control ?
(A) Balban
(B) Akbar
(C) Sher Shah
(D) Allauddin Khilji

2. Who among the following got the Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2006 ?
(A) Parimarjan Negi
(B) Jeev Milkha
(C) Pankaj Adwani
(D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

3. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution at present ?
(A) 9
(B) 10
(C) 11
(D) 12

4. Which one of the following is not listed as a source of International Law in the statute of International Court of Justice ?
(A) Treaties
(B) Custom
(C) Precedent
(D) None of the above

5. Members of International Court of Justice are elected for a period of—
(A) 3 years
(B) 5 years
(C) 7 years
(D) 9 years

6. Who amongst the following is not appointed by the President ?
(A) Attorney General
(B) Advocate General
(C) Chief Justice of India
(D) Chief Election Commissioner

7. In which of the following cases the whole hearing was conducted through video conferencing first time in India ?
(A) Abdul Kareem Mulla 2006
(B) Abdul Kareem Telgi 2006
(C) Ottavio Quattrochhi 2006
(D) Telephone Tapping case 2006

8. In India power to declare any area as ‘scheduled area’ belongs to—
(A) Parliament
(B) Assembly of the State
(C) President
(D) Election Commissioner

9. On which of the following dates ‘Law Day’ is celebrated ?
(A) 8th September
(B) 28th October
(C) 26th November
(D) 20th December

10. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India relates to untouchability ?
(A) Art. 17
(B) Art. 18
(C) Art. 23
(D) Art. 24

11. National Human Rights Commission in India was established on—
(A) 26th January, 1993
(B) 15th March, 1993
(C) 15th June, 1993
(D) 27th September, 1993

12. Caveat shall not remain in force after expiry of—
(A) 30 days
(B) 60 days
(C) 90 days
(D) Six month

13. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights was adopted by the General Assembly on—
(A) January 3, 1966
(B) October 13, 1966
(C) November 5, 1966
(D) December 16, 1966

14. Phukan Commission is related to—
(A) Reservations for minorities
(B) Tehelka defence scandal
(C) Anti-Sikh riots of 1984
(D) Reforms in Civil Services

15. In 2005, the Supreme Court struck down the Illegal Migration (Determination by Tribunal) Act of 1983 applicable to the state of—
(A) Assam
(B) West Bengal
(C) Nagaland
(D) Manipur

16. Point out the correct answer. ‘Full faith and credit’ clause of the constitution does not apply to—
(A) Public Records
(B) Judicial proceedings
(C) Acts of corporations
(D) Public acts

17. The concept of Judicial Review in India has been taken from the Constitution of—
(A) Britain
(B) France
(C) U.S.A.
(D) Switzerland

18. A political party is recognised as National or Regional by the—
(A) State Government
(B) Central Government
(C) Chief State Election Commission
(D) Election Commissioner of India

19. Which one of the following is the correct statement ? The customary International law of treaties was codified in the—
(A) Viena Convention, 1980
(B) Statute of International Court of Justice
(C) Resolution of the U.N. General Assembly
(D) Viena Declaration, 1993

20. VAT is related to—
(A) Banking Service
(B) Business Tax System
(C) Life Insurance
(D) None of the above

21. The name of first Woman Chief Justice of High Court in India is—
(A) Leila Seth
(B) Leila Mukherjee
(C) Lalita Basu
(D) Sarojini Naidu

22. Which one of the following is related to SEBI ?
(A) Banking
(B) Share Market
(C) Insurance
(D) Banking and Insurance

23. Which medium is used by ‘Radar’ to trace aeroplanes ?
(A) Micro wave
(B) Electric wave
(C) Ultrasonic wave
(D) Sound wave

24. Which one of the following properties is not liable to be attached and sold in execution of decree ?
(A) Government Securities
(B) Promisory Notes
(C) Books and Accounts
(D) Bonds

25. The transfer of the company’s Government to British Crown was done on—
(A) 1st October, 1857
(B) 1st October, 1858
(C) 1st October, 1859
(D) 1st October, 1860

26. Which one of the following High Courts have the jurisdiction over largest number of states in India ?
(A) Calcutta High Court
(B) Bombay High Court
(C) Guwahati High Court
(D) Madras High Court

27. How many Judges of Supreme Court of India by now have been removed from their office before expiry of their normal term through impeachment ?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) None

28. In which one of the lists of Constitution of India the subject of preventive detention lies ?
(A) Union list
(B) State list
(C) Concurrent list
(D) None of the above

29. World Environmental Day is celebrated on—
(A) 5th June
(B) 10th June
(C) 11th June
(D) 5th September

30. Gandhi International Peace Award 2006 was given to—
(A) Kiran Desai
(B) Ruth Manorama
(C) Shabana Azmi
(D) Suketu Mehta

31. How many members are nominated in Rajya Sabha under Indian Constitution ?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 6
(D) 12

32. Who is the Head of the state under the Constitution of India ?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) President of India
(C) Parliament of India
(D) All the above

33. A law for preventively detention may be enacted by—
(A) Exclusively by Parliament
(B) Exclusively by state legislature
(C) By both Parliament as well as by state legislature
(D) Only by means of ordinance promulgated by the President

34. Who appoints the officers and employees of the High Court ?
(A) Chief Justice of High Court
(B) Governor of the concerned state
(C) Public Service Commission
(D) Registrar of High Court

35. Which one of the following scholars consider International law as true law ?
(A) Grotius
(B) Hobbes
(C) Holland
(D) Austin

36. Which of the following is not a principal organ of United Nations Organisation ?
(A) Trusteeship Council
(B) Economic and Social Council
(C) International Court of Justice
(D) Human Rights Commission

37. Which one of the following can enforce the judgement of International Court of Justice ?
(A) General Assembly on the recommendations of Security Council
(B) Secretary General
(C) Security Council on the request of International Court of Justice
(D) None of the above

38. The International Criminal Court is located at—
(A) Geneva
(B) Hague
(C) London
(D) Washington

39. The name of first woman judge of International Court of Justice is—
(A) Rosalyn Higgins
(B) Rosa E. Otunbayeva
(C) Gestrud Mongella
(D) Sadako Ogata

40. In which of the following cases, the Supreme Court has held that strike by lawyers is illegal and unethical ?
(A) M. C. Mehta Vs. Union of India
(B) Lily Thomas Vs. Union of India
(C) Dr. B. L. Wadehra Vs. NCT Delhi
(D) Indira Sawhney Vs. Union of India

41. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court directed the Government of implement the law against female foeticide ?
(A) Madhu Kishwar Vs. State of Bihar
(B) CEHAT Vs. Union of India
(C) Balveer Kaur Vs. Dhirdas
(D) None of the above

42. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court of India has observed sexual harassment as a violation of human rights ?
(A) Vishakha Vs. State of Rajasthan
(B) Kapila Hingurani Vs. State of Bihar
(C) Tukaram Vs. State of Maharashtra
(D) Ahmed Khan Vs. Shahbano Begam

43. The case of Roman Catholic Priest, John Vallanmatton Vs. Union of India relates to—
(A) Enactment of Uniform Civil Code
(B) Enactment of Uniform Hindu Code
(C) Enactment of Uniform law for both Hindus and Christians
(D) None of the above

44. The Chief Justice of India may appoint an adhoc judge in the Supreme Court from amongst—
(A) Retired Judges of Supreme Court
(B) Serving Judges of the High Court
(C) Persons qualified to be appointed as Judge of the Supreme Court
(D) Retired Judge of a High Court

45. Copy right subsists after the death of an author for—
(A) 50 years
(B) 60 years
(C) 70 years
(D) 75 years

46. In which one of the following states recently the first regular quasi judicial mobile court has been inaugurated ?
(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Haryana
(C) Punjab
(D) Maharashtra

47. By which of the following Constitutional Amendments Art 21-A on right to education has been added in the Constitution ?
(A) 85th Amendment
(B) 86th Amendment
(C) 87th Amendment
(D) 88th Amendment

48. Who among the following was the chairman of sixth pay commission ?
(A) Justice Rathnaval Pandian
(B) Justice A.S. Anand
(C) Justice Sri Krishna
(D) Justice A.K. Majumdar

49. In which one of the following sections the term ‘Information’ has been defined in the Right to Information Act, 2005 ?
(A) Sec. 2(g)
(B) Sec. 2(a)(i)
(C) Sec. 2(h)(a)
(D) Sec. 2(f)

50. Which one of the following cases relate to anti-strike verdict ?
(A) T.K. Rangrajan Vs. Govt. of Tamil Nadu AIR 2003 SC
(B) Shyam Narayan Vs. Union of India AIR 2003 M.P.
(C) High Court of Gujarat Vs. Gujarat Kisan Mazdoor (2003) 4 SCC
(D) M.K. Usman Vs. C.S. Santhe AIR 2003 Kerala

1. (D)
2. The Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2006 is provided to Manavjeet Singh Sandhu, No answer is correct.
3. (D) 4. (D) 5. (D) 6. (B) 7. (B) 8. (A) 9. (C) 10. (A)
11. (D) 12. (C) 13. (D) 14. (B) 15. (A) 16. (B) 17. (C) 18. (D) 19. (A) 20. (B)
21. (A) 22. (B) 23. (A) 24. (C) 25. (B) 26. (C) 27. (D) 28. (C) 29. (A) 30. (C)
31. (D) 32. (B) 33. (C) 34. (A) 35. (A) 36. (D) 37. (D) 38. (B) 39. (A) 40. (C)
41. (B) 42. (A) 43. (A) 44. (B) 45. (B) 46. (B) 47. (B) 48. (C) 49. (D) 50. (A)


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